Huaraz city will be your base to access any mountain in the Cordillera Blanca, used to be a quite town, not any more since some years ago big mining companies have started operations in the area bringing a huge change in the town, lot of new trucks, bars and all the noise that could be good and fun for miners, but not for climbers.

Today more than ever is very important to know where to stay and where to eat, here some good and safe places for your stomach.

Campo Base - Restaurant Pizzeriagood and safe food, excellent trouts and steaks. Climbers atmosphere
Av. Luzuriaga 704 Email:

Siam de los Andes "Thai Restaurant", the best thai place in Peru with personalized attention of Naresuan.
Corner of Jr. Julian Morales and Gamarra.
Email :

Monttrek Pizza-Pub, it has an indoor climbing wall, trekking and climbing beta from Pocho de los Andes
Av. Luzuriaga 646
Email :

Cafe Andino, the best coffee place in town, friendly staff, music, books and the last issues of Rock+Ice, good place for climbers, warm attention of Chris Benway
RE/opening : Lucar y Torre 530.

Hotel San Sebastian, the best view of the Cordillera Blanca, just from your bed, with the personalized attention of my friends Selio and Anita Villon
Phone: 514-4726960 Email:

La Casa de Zarela - good place to stay, expedition logistic, trekking and climbing information, you won´t feel homesick staying here. Personalized attention of Zarela
Phone : 514-4721694 Email :

Olaza´s Bed and Brealfast, quiet, clean, comfortable lodging, family environment
Phone : 514-4722951 Email :

English is spoken in all these places and are run by friendly people, customer oriented, many of them are climbers so they "understand" climbers, and give you the best attention. US$ and visa are welcome, there are some ATM in the town so don't worry much about currency

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